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Coua is a phenomenal coach! She has carefully and consciously taken me outside of my comfort zone to help me think about things from a different perspective. As a professional woman, who is a soon to be a new mom, she helps guide me through many challenges in my professional life as well as overcome fears about being a new mom and how to best balance it all so I can be content with my current place in life. She is always on my side, incredibly supportive, and so very easy to open up to and have an honest conversation without feeling judged. I love my sessions with Coua and always look forward to our sessions.


I loved my coaching sessions with Coua. She brought a gentle kindness to our session, allowing for me to be open and vulnerable. The words she shared with me were always heartfelt and comforting. I always walked away from each session more at peace than I had when I walked into the session.